MAKITA TM3000CX3 Review Oscillating Multicutter 42 Accessories 240 Volt

MAKITA TM3000CX3 Review

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This is a multi-cutter tool that is highly oscillatory in nature; it is widely used for many purposes such as cutting, sawing, and sanding. The Makita TM3000C 250 Watt Oscillating Multi-cutter tool is also used for scraping, polishing, grinding and lots of other things. Its versatility as a cutter tool makes it very popular among other cutter tools. The Makita TM3000C 250 Watt Oscillating Multi-cutter tool can be installed at 30o increments, it uses Oscillating Interface Systems (OIS) interface and also has a dust extraction available. There is hex wrench holder on its body and also variable speed control dial.


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