Makita P-71825 Review New Blue Quick Release Belt P71825

Makita P-71825 Review

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Makita P-71825 New Blue Quick Release Belt P71825

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Tool Description and Specifications:

Makita P-71825 new blue tool holder collection item. Replace part number P-39768. Made of 5 layers of materials to give 100% quality durability and comfort. Padded by 3D mesh breathable material. With strong 50mm quick release buckle. Polyethylene strap inside to keep a vertical shape of the belt without danger of twist after some tome of use. Padded by 3D mesh breathable material for extra comfort when carrying heavy tools. It doesn’t matter what your size is – the belt is always comfortable. Made of 5 layers of materials to give 100% quality durability and comfort of the belt. PP tape polyester 600D PE strap VELCRO and 3D mesh. Special VELCRO tape stitched from the backside of the belt provides to easy adjustment of the suitable length. Nice looking belt loop with HI-VIS trimming makes the belt eye-catching. With strong 50mm polypropylene quick release buckle. Perfect foundation for buiding your customized tool belt. Specifications of the Makita P-71825 Stock Code: P-71825

P-71825 Features:

Made from 5 layers of material to give 100% quality and strength
Comfortable to wear
A strong 50mm quick release buckle ensures maximum practicality


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