Makita EBH253L Review 24.5cc 40cm 4 Stroke Line Trimmer

Makita EBH253L Review

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Makita EBH253L 24.5cc 40cm 4 Stroke Line Trimmer

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Tool Description and Specifications:

This Makita EBH253L 4-stroke petrol brushcutters is developed in compliance with EU Stage 2 exhaust emission regulations. Their main features are: 4-stroke engine for low noise and clean exhaust emission. Ergonomic handle for higher maneuverability. Features of the EBH253L Line Trimmer MM4 4 stroke engine. Bearinged solid steel drive shaft. Loop handle. Spring assisted start. Why Choose the Makita EBH253L 4 Stroke Petrol Machine over a 2 Stroke Machine? Makita MM4 4 Stroke: Clean Exhaust Emissions The Makita MM4 engine has radically reduced the emissions compared with an equivalent 2-stroke engine. Exhaust emissions have been significantly reduced to comply with strict regulations throughout the world. Makita MM4 4 Stroke: Maximise Performance MM4 engines exceded the performance of an equivalent 2-stroke. The patented unique lubrication system allows our 4-Stroke engines to be used in multiple positions. Employing this system enables our brush cutters and linetrimmers to be used on most sloped angles including ditches, woodland undergrowth and banks. Makita MM4 4 Stroke: No fuel mixing The Makita MM4 engine uses neat unleaded petrol (i.e. no oil needs to be mixed with the fuel) therefore reducing the risk of damaging the engine with an incorrect fuel mix. The overall cost is 60% better, based on the combined fuel and oil running costs. Makita MM4 4 Stroke: Low Running Costs Comparing a Makita 24.5cc MM4 brush cutter to a Makita 24.5cc 2-stroke brush cutter the MM4 engine will save you 40% on fuel per year. Makita MM4 4 Stroke: Light weight and low noise Makita 4-stroke engines achieve a higher power to weight ratio approx 20 to 30% by its high combustion efficiency and newly developed compact spark plug It is the smallest of the current 4-stroke engines, and the lightest in weight using a magnesium diecast clutch case.4 stroke engine

EBH253L Features:

4 stroke engine
Bearinged solid steel drive shaft
Spring assisted shaft
Ergonomic loop handle
Easy handling


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