MAKITA EA4300F38C Review 38cm 43cc Petrol Chainsaw

MAKITA EA4300F38C Review

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MAKITA EA4300F38C 38cm 43cc Petrol Chainsaw

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Tool Description and Specifications:

Features: Electronic ignition. Inertia chain brake. Anti Vibration System Decompression valve Technical Specification: Cubic Capacity 43 cc Oil Tank Capacity 0.28 litres Chain Gauge 0.043 Chain Pitch 3/8 Bar Size 38 cm Noise sound pressure 100.8 dB(A) Noise sound power 110.0 dB(A) Noise K factor 2.5 dB(A) Engine 2-Stroke Power Rating 3.0 hp Fuel Tank Capacity 0.48 litres Vibration K factor 2.0 m/sec² Vibration: Right Handle (Rear grip) 3.2 m/sec²Featuring improved handling and easier start up

EA4300F38C Features:

Featuring improved handling and easier start up
Electronic ignition.
Anti Vibration System


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