Makita DML801 Review 18v LXT Lithium-Ion Florescent 12 Led Light torch

Makita DML801 Review

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Makita DML801 18v LXT Lithium-Ion Florescent 12 Led Light torch

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Tool Description and Specifications:

The new DML801 flashlight from Makita features 12 LED lamps for wide and bright illumination. A foldable and rotatable will give the perfect angle to light up your work and the retracting metal hook built into the light head allows the lamp to be suspended from virtually anything that it can be attached to making it ideal in loft spaces or under car bonnets. This flashlight can be switched between 12 LED operation for full brightness or 6 LED energy saving mode and can be operated from any Makita 18v or 14.4v Lithium-Ion battery. Continuous operation from an 18v 3.0Ah battery is an impressive 9 hours in 12 LED mode and a whopping 22 hours in 6 LED energy saving mode. With a rubberised grip for better handling and lightweight, under 1kg with battery it is an excellent addition to the range of Lithium-Ion tools. Specifications of the DML801 Universal bright LED light for the darkest areas Use all 12 or just 6 LED lights Head can be swivelled to where light is required Compatible with the Makita 14.4V and 18V Li-Ion batteries Complete with hanging hook, strap and second hook Supplied in a body only format, no battery, charger or carry case

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