Makita D-21200 Review Plus Drill and Chisel Set 17 Piece

Makita D-21200 Review

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Makita SDS Plus Drill and Chisel Set 17 Piece

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Tool Description and Specifications:

MAKITA D-21200 17 PIECE SDS-Plus DRILL And BIT SET in Aluminium Carrying Case

MAKITA D 21200 SDS-Plus Set Contains :-

1 of each of the following SDS Plus Drill Bits ( Diameter x Length ) :-

– 5x110mm,
– 5.5x110mm,
– 6x110mm,
– 6x160mm,
– 7x160mm,
– 8x110mm,
– 8x160mm,
– 8x210mm,
– 10x110mm,
– 10x160mm,
– 10x210mm,
– 14x260mm.

Contains the following SDS Plus Chisels :-

– Bull Point 140mm and 250mm.
– Cold Chisels 140x20mm and 250x20mm.
– 1 x Flat Chisel 250x40mm.

D-21200 Features:

Drill and chisel set for use with SDS Plus hammer drills.
Easy to carry and organize
12 Drill bits and 5 Chisels


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