Makita BO4556 Review 240V Palm Sander Plus Clamp

Makita BO4556 Review

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The vibration and the noise is reduced by all ball bearing constructions

To reduce vibration the use of dual counter weight

For an improved operator comfort and control the use of contoured palm grip

For a fast and an efficient installation use of large paper clamps that is easy to use

A clean work environment is guaranteed using effacing through the pad dust collection


Easy to use by single hand since the On/Off is located in a convenient location



Makita BO4556 is one of the best power tools for its convenient operations allowed to the user.
The cable length is 2.0 meteres. The pad size of Makita BO4556 is 112 x 102mm and is
comfortable for use. The net weight is 1.1kgs. This is a champion power tool that gets the work
done as required by the users.


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