MAKITA BL1830 Review 18.0V 3.0Ah pack of 3 Battery 6384092 Genuine

MAKITA BL1830 Review

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The Makita BL1830 is 18V LXT,3000 mAh lithium – ion battery. Specified with a shorter
charging time of 30 mins compared to standard Li – ion batteries, this is a remarkable
achievement. Empowers a vast number of cordless products with unmatched productivity and
performance. These self-discharging resistant batteries will hold the charge after even stored for
a long time. So the batteries will be ready for instant work. The temperature, current, and
voltage are monitored by the smart charging system and also these batteries can be charged
under hot weather conditions due to the availability of built-in fan in the charger. (Charger will be
sold separately). Sixteen contact terminals are available for maintaining a constant power
supply with the tool, prevents power loss even during high vibration occurs. It is harmless if the
battery is charged anytime.


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