MAKITA B-09167 Review Specialized Saw Blade 24 tooth 165mm 20mm

MAKITA B-09167 Review

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MAKITA B-09167 Specialized Saw Blade 24 tooth 165mm 20mm

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Tool Description and Specifications:

MAKITA B-09167 Specialized Saw Blade – 165 x 20mm – 24T

– Premium saw blades made especially for cordless saws.
– Blades for wood cutting , with the most popular cordless circular saw models
– Ultra-thin , perfectly tensioned steel plates for true run
– Extends battery life
– Precision honed, high-grade carbide for easy, smooth cuts and long life
– Tooth configurations to meet specific cutting, material and thickness applications

– Diameter ( D ) : 165mm
– Bore size ( B ) : 20mm
– Tooth : 24
– Machine Type : Cordless Saw
– Material Type : Wood

B-09167 Features:

Brand :- MAKITA
Product code :- B-09167
Diameter ( D ) : 165mm
Bore size ( B ) : 20mm
Tooth : 24


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