Makita AF505 Review 2-inch 18g Brad Nailer Complete with Safety Kit and Carrying Case

Makita AF505 Review

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The Makita AF505 is a 2 inch 18g Brad Nailer complete with nose protector, oil, safety glasses and carrying case.

Makita AF505 Features:

Multi-directional exhaust port directs exhaust air away from operator. rotatable 360 degrees by hand
Rubber bumpers protect the surface of work piece from scratches / damages
Rubberized grip
Tool hook
Toolless clearing of jams enables quick removal of jammed nails
Toolless driving depth adjustment simply by turning the adjuster in the direction of A for deeper setting, in the direction of B for shallower setting
Remaining nail view windows – allows checking of remaining nails at a glance

AF505 Box Contains:

1 x Makita AF505 2-inch 18g Brad Nailer Complete with Nose Protector/ Oil/ Safety Glasses/ Carrying Case
1 x Nose protector
1 x Oil
1 x Safety glasses
1 x Carry case


SEE MORE…This Tool May Also Be Available With Extra Batteries or Other Additional Extras HERE



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