Makita 821550-0 Review Type 2 Makpac Connector Case

Makita 821550-0 Review

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Makita 821550-0 Type 2 Makpac Connector Case

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Tool Description and Specifications:

This case is suitable for the following tools: BBO140 BBO180 BDA340 BDA341 BDA350 BDA351 BDF343 BDF441 BDF446 BDF448 BDF451 BDF456 BDF458 BDF459 BHP343 BHP441 BHP446 BHP448 BHP451 BHP453 BHP456 BHP458 BHP459 DHP480 DDF480 BFS441 BFS451 BGD800 BJN160 BJN161 BJS160 BJS161 BJV140 BJV180 BO4900V BPT350 BPT351 BTD129 BTD134 BTD136 BTD146 BTD147 BTP130 BTP131 BTP140 BTP141 BTW251 BTL060 BTL061 GA5040 GA5040C GA5041 GA5041C SA5040C HR2300 HR2600 HS300D JN3201J JS3201J RP0900 RP0910 RP1110C TM3000C Choose The Correct Case Description of Makita Stacking Connector Tool Case: Tough, versatile toolbox to keep your Makita tools safe and secure. The Makita connector case features a catch that allows the box to be locked, opened and connected to other systainer cases in Makitas range. Contents can be accessed quickly and easily when multiple boxes are stacked together. Features of Makita Stacking Connector Tool Case: Stacking cases with connecting clips, compatible with other makes of case systainer including Festool and Tanos. Specifications of the Makita 821550-0 Connector Case (Type 2) Length: 396 mm Width: 296 mm Height: 157 mm Complete the set of Makita Systainer Cases Below.Makpac Connector Case Type 2

821550-0 Features:

Makpac Connector Case Type 2
Stackable for storage and easy transportation
Strong and collapsible handles


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