Makita 5008MGJ/2 Review 240V Circular Saw in MakPac Carry Case

Makita 5008MGJ/2 Review

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The Makita 5008MGJ is a general carpentry and construction saw with a die-cast magnesium base for greater accuracy and smoother cutting. The 75mm cutting depth is the best in its class. Increased bevel capacity of 50. Magnesium safety cover. Non-slip elastomer fitted to front and rear grips, and levers for increased comfort and control. Positive stops at 22.5, 45 and 50. Twin, built in LED lights for improved visibility of the cut line. Blower function keeps sawdust off cut-line. Easy to read depth scales.

Makita 5008MGJ2 Features:
Easy to read Cut-depth scale with the two numbers most frequently used, 19mm (3/4 ) and 13mm (1/2 ), stamped in larger size
Maximum Cutting Depth of 75.5mm
Built-in Job Light Using Twin LED Light
Max Bevel Capacity: 50 degrees
Lightweight, only 4.8kg Tool weight has been reduced by using magnesium die cast for base, blade case and safety cover

Comes with:
Carbide-tipped saw blade
Rip fence guide rule
Hex wrench
MAKPAC Carry Case with moulded inlay

5008MGJ2 Specification:
Max cut @ 0: 75.5mm
Max cut @ 45: 57mm (2¼ )
Max cut @ 50: 51.5mm
Blade diameter: 210mm
Bore diameter: 30mm
Input wattage: 1,800W
No load speed: 5,200rpm
Net weight: 4.8kg

Box Contains:
1 x 5008MGJ Carbide-tipped saw blade
1 x Rip fence guide rule
1 x Hex wrench
1 x MakPac Carry Case with moulded inlay



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