Kärcher DDC 50 Review – drill-dust catchers

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Kärcher DDC 50 and here’s what we found…

• Suitable for drill up to a size of 10mm

• Has a vacuum holding function to attach itself to interior wall surfaces

• It has a capacity of 23cm3

• It has a very light weight


The drill features a vacuum holding function, which makes the drill attach itself independently to all standard interior wall surfaces, thus catching the dust effectively and reliably during the drilling process. With the dust catcher, an additional vacuum cleaner or special drill is not needed. The dust can catcher can easily be attached without holding it with your hands, thus making your hands free so as to concentrate on the drilling process. It has a dust catching capacity of 23cm3 and it is suitable for any drill up to a drill size of 10mm. It has a very light weight of just 236grams and it uses 2 x 1.5 V Mignon AA LR 6


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