Hyundai HYM51SP Review 173cc Petrol Self Propelled 4-in-1 Rotary Lawn Mower

Hyundai HYM51SP Review

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Hyundai HYM51SP 173cc Petrol Self Propelled 4-in-1 Rotary Lawn Mower

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Tool Description and Specifications:

Considered the flagship of Hyundai’s new lawnmower range, the HYM51SP is a strong self-propelled cutting machine which incorporates a 5hp 4-stroke petrol engine. Like the HYM46SP is has a choice of 7 cutting settings, adjusting the height to cut accordingly, and all captured in a large polyester grass collection bag. This new HYM51SP lawnmower offers users the option of four different grass-cutting settings, each one designed to meet specific needs according to user preference and how you would like your grass to turn out. For the best finish and appearance, users should choose to mow and remove the cut grass from the lawn. The other settings all involve returning the grass to the lawn, which fertilises the ground and returns nutrients to the soil to keep grass growing back at a quicker rate. The latter method of mowing then eliminates the need to constantly empty the grass catcher. This Hyundai lawnmower comes with a 2-year domestic-use manufacturer warranty, covering parts, labour and carriage. Shipping on the item is for UK non-extended mainland areas only. Shipping surcharges may be incurred for other areas such as Scottish highlands, outlying islands around the UK, IoM, IoW, Isle of Sky, Northern Ireland and Eire.Self-propelled: Simply control the direction of the mower as it propels itself

HYM51SP  Features:

Self-propelled: Simply control the direction of the mower as it propels itself
Four cutting methods: Cut and collect, cut and drop, cut and mulch and cut and finally side-discharge
Seven-stage centralised cutting height adjuster: To meet all cutting requirements
70 L polyester grass catcher w/ hard lid: For convenient collection and disposal of your cuttings
Soft grip handle: Providing a comfortable cutting experience


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