Hyundai DHY8000SELR Review 6kW Silenced Long Run Diesel Generator

Hyundai DHY8000SELR Review

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Hyundai DHY8000SELR 6kW Silenced Long Run Diesel Generator

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Tool Description and Specifications:

The DHY8000SELR is a new, larger output generator in the Hyundai range, and the next step up in terms of power from the DHY6000SELR. With a lot of household items using a lot more energy than they ever have, in previous years it’s become a juggling act to be able to run them all. Now, the DHY8000SELR won’t run absolutely everything, but it will allow for some extra essentials to be run during a blackout or grid failure, without the need to turn off another item to free up power. Another ideal home standby or backup generator, the added 1 and a half kilowatts of power it is capable of producing gives an added cushion for households where demand on power consumption is an ever-increasing problem. With more and more power cuts due, not only in the winter months but also as the National Grid struggles to cope with the demand for energy, the DHY8000SELR offers up added power than a typical diesel generators of its size, which will be an added relief to those who struggle to keep the lights on as well as run basic essential items. Using the same silent casing of the DHY6000SELR, meaning no need for a larger or heavier unit, the DHY8000SELR remains a compact and ‘silenced’ machine, quiet running and very powerful. It comes with the same great features like the 30-litre fuel tank for longer running, the same reliable Hyundai 4-stroke OHV air cooled direct injection diesel engine and AVR to allow the running sensitive electronics and personal items without the risk of damage. The warranty cover is for 1-year or 1000 hours and initial shipping on this item is included to UK mainland England and Wales, and parts of Southern Scotland but it is worth calling our sales office to discuss your area if you are unsure which band your post code falls into. Scottish Highlands, offshore islands, and extended areas, as well as Northern Ireland and Eire postage costs are all POA.HYUNDAI GENERATOR

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