Hitachi BSL1840 Review 18v 4.0Ah Slide-On battery

Hitachi BSL1840 Review

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Hitachi BSL1840 18v 4.0Ah Slide-On battery

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Tool Description and Specifications:

HITACHI BSL1840 18v 4.0Ah slide-on Lithium Ion battery

– Suitable for all Hitachi 18 volt lithium ion power tools accepting a slide battery
– The Hitachi BSL1840 is an 18 Volt high capacity 4.0Ah Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery
– It is the same size and weight as the 3.0Ah Li-Ion battery, but offers 33% longer runtime.

HITACHI BSL1840 18V 4Ah li-ion Slide Battery Pack Specification :

– Battery type : lithium ion
– Voltage : 18V
– Battery capacity : 4.0Ah
– Charge time : 60 mins
– Overall length : 110 min

BSL1840 Features:

Slide Style Battery
18 Volt 4.0AH Li-Ion Technology
Built-in Mult-Circuit Protection
Ergonomic Slide Design forBetter Balance
33% longer runtime.


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