Flymo HoverVac 280 Review Electric Hover Collect Lawnmower 1300 W 28 cm

Flymo HoverVac 280 Review

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Flymo HoverVac 280 Electric Hover Collect Lawnmower 1300 W 28 cm

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Tool Description and Specifications:

Flymo’s innovative Hover Vac 280 makes the age-old chore of mowing the lawn a breeze. This electric hover lawnmower has a powerful 1300W motor that works alongside a 28cm metal blade for an impressive performance that’s optimised for tight spaces. The lawnmower also features 4 cutting heights that range from 10-30mm, giving you total control to set the ideal length of your lawn. The Hover Vac 280 also collects and compacts grass as it mows, storing it in a 20-litre box that’s easy to empty. The Flymo lawnmower is fitted with quick-fold handles for easy storage, while a 10m cable length gives you the freedom to move across your garden with ease. Weighing at only 8.8kg, the lawnmower is also lightweight for easy manoeuvrability.Powerful 1300 Watt Motor

280 Features:

Powerful 1300 Watt Motor
28cm Metal Blade
20 Litre Collection Box
4 Heights of Cut (10mm – 30mm)
10 Metre Mains Cable


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