Flymo FLY014 Review Replacement Plastic Blades for Microlite, Minimo, Hover Vac & Mow n Vac Lawnmowers Pack of 6

Flymo FLY014 Review

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Tool Description and Specifications:

Keep your lawn looking healthy and your lawnmower in top condition, by replacing the Blade when it becomes dull and worn.
Over time, dirt and other garden debris can erode the blade, causing the metal to weaken and become paper-thin. If you notice this, use this replacement Blade immediately to avoid breakage during mowing, which can cause pieces of metal to fly apart and possibly injure you or other bystanders.

FLY014 Features:

Metal blades should be checked regularly for signs of wear, damage, and balance. A blunt blade will harm the grass – an out of balance blade will harm the lawnmower so ensure great cutting performance from your lawnmower with this replacement Blade.
Ensure great cutting performance from your lawnmower, and get your lawn looking great!
Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.
Type: FLY014
Quantity x6



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