Evolution Rage2 Review Multipurpose Cut Off Saw 355 mm – 230 V

Evolution Rage2 Review

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Tool Description and Specifications:

RAGE2 Evolution Chop Saw 355mm, this incredible cut off saw comprehensively out-performs abrasive saws, featuring patented RAGE® technology, utilising a TCT blade rather than an abrasive wheel, plus it has the ability to cut steel, aluminium and wood with a single blade, the cut is fast, clean with no burrs and virtually no sparks created
When cutting steel, the RAGE2 Evolution Chop Saw cuts cold, no coolant is required, and because the material is cold it can be handled and worked on immediately, the impressive performance is economical too, offering up to 1000 cuts in mild steel box section before a replacement blade is needed

Specification of this RAGE2 Evolution Chop Saw:

.Motor 2000w
.Speed 1450rpm
.Max box section (6mm wall 90deg) 120 x 120mm
.Max box section (6mm wall 45deg) 89 x 89mm
.Max rectangle (6mm wall 90deg) 101 x 178mm
.Max rectangle (6mm wall 45deg) 78 x 110mm
.Max round (6mm wall 90deg) 130mm Dia.
.Max round (6mm wall 45deg) 105mm Dia.
.Duty cycle 30 mins
.Sound pressure under load 112.4 dB
.Patented RAGE technology cuts steel, aluminium, wood & plastics easily without compromise
.Faster and cleaner cuts than an abrasive saw, the RAGE2 leaves no burr and offers an instantly workable finish
.Economical performance the RAGE blade system will produce up to 1000 cuts in mild steel box section
.No coolant required and virtually no sparks are produced
.Fast action swivel clamp enables cuts from 0-45º
.The Hi-torque gearbox reduces motor stresses, improving performance and durability
.High quality construction with 12 months warranty
.V-clamp included for easy clamping of bar and box section
.Operators manual
.Size h x w x l 600mm x 300mm x 570mm
.Weight 25kgs
.Supplied with a full industrial warranty

Blade Specifications
.Diameter 355mm x 25.4mm
.Kerf (Thickness) 2.4mm
.Number of Teeth 36Fast action swivel (0-45º) work clamp

Rage2 Features:

Fast action swivel (0-45º) work clamp
Robust, durable base for metallic applications
V-Clamp included for easy clamping of box section
120mm Depth Of Cut and multipurpose
3 Year Warranty (only valid if purchased in the UK)



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