Evolution EVO42002 Review Magnetic Drill 42 mm 230 V

Evolution EVO42002 Review

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Evolution EVO42002 Magnetic Drill 42 mm 230 V

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Tool Description and Specifications:

INDUSTRIAL QUALITY This incredible Magnetic Drill is deceptive in its capabilities; although small in size it is well-suited for heavy-duty industrial and fabrication work. The EVOMAG42 is versatile, accurate and portable with strong magnetic adhesion. IDEAL FOR SITE USE With so many buildings being built around a steel framework, a Magnetic Drill is an essential product and ideal for site use. It is also easy to carry (with the supplied case) and its light weight makes it manageable to position in both awkward and confined spaces. TWIST DRILL FUNCTION The impressive EVOMAG42 offers incredible value with the capability to use up to 42mm (1-5/8″) cutters and 13mm (1/2″) twist drills! The EVOMAG42 also features an integrated coolant system for magnetic drilling. Specifications- 1200w motor 1300Kgs magnetic clamping force 13mm Capacity with chuck (supplied) 42mm Maximum cutter size 50mm maximum cutting depth (with cutter) Accepts standard cutters Supplied with- 3-Jaw chuck Coolant bottle Carry caseEssential tool when performing heavy-duty industrial and steel fabrication work

EVO42002 Features:

Essential tool when performing heavy-duty industrial and steel fabrication work
Versatile, accurate and fast
Strong magnetic adhesion
Cuts are precise and clean due to an optimised rotation speed and strong magnetic adhesion, Integrated cooling system
3 year warranty (only valid if purchased in the UK)


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