Einhell EINRTJS85 Review 240V Electronic Speed Control Jigsaw

Einhell EINRTJS85 Review

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Tool Description and Specifications:

Pendulum jigsaw with tool-free adjustable soleplate and easy-to-change blade. Uses both T and U shafted jigsaw blades. Full view of the blade allow seasy, precise work while the electronically controlled stroke speed guarantees smooth operation. An integrated LED provides additional illumination in poorly lit work areas. After use, the blades are stored safely inside the machine.


-Tool-freeblade change (T-shaft and U-shaft)
– Saw blade storageon the unit
– Aluminium-saw plate -adjustable without tools
– Stroke-speed electronically controlled
– Pendulum action with 4 settings 0/1/2/3
– LED-light
– Folding transparent guard
– Parallel guide
– 3 saw blades
– Cable clip

Power rating : 750W
Bevel cut max : 45°
Stroke rate : 800-3000 min-1
Cutting depth : Wood 85mm
Cutting depth : Plastic 12mm
Cutting depth : Steel 8mm

This Einhell RT-JS85 Electronic Pendulum Jigsaw with tool-free adjustable soleplate and easy-to-chan

EINRTJS85 Features:




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