Einhell 4512020 Review Power X-Change Fast Charger for 1.5Ah, 3.0Ah and 5,2Ah Power X-Change Batteries

Einhell 4512020 Review

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Tool Description and Specifications:

This Einhell Power X-Charger is a fast charger, suitable for all Power X-Change batteries. It can be fastened onto a wall and features a charging condition display. Specifications: Charging time 1.5Ah: 30mins.Charging time 3.0Ah. 60mins.Weight: 0.4kg.Power X-Change 30min Fast Charger

4512020 Features:

Power X-Change 30min Fast Charger
60min Charge for 18v/3.0Ah Lithium Battery
30min Charge for 18v/1.5Ah Lithium Battery
Fully compatible with both the 1.5Ah and 3.0Ah
Charging light indicator



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