Dremel F0133000JB Review 3000-15 Multitool, 130 W, 15 Accessories

Dremel F0133000JB Review

Dremel F0133000JB Features 

  • Ideal for medium-use DIY and hobby projects.
  • Versatile high speed motor which can be used to drive all Dremel accessories and attachments
  • For tasks such as engraving, grinding, sanding, and polishing
  • Suitable for both robust and intricate work.
  • Improved design and ergonomics.
  • The nose cap and an integrated wrench that allows the nose cap to be used as a wrench to tighten accessories hence no need for a separate wrench
  • An efficient fan designed and side vents makes it comfortable for extended use and provides a cooling effect
  • The tool also features a symmetrical design including a trumpet-shaped nose cap to facilitate a pencil-grip tool hold.
  • Low noise and vibration, even under high load.



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