Pack of 2 Dewalt DT10624 Review Circular Saw Blade 165 x 20mm x 24 Tooth Extreme DCS391

Dewalt DT10624 Review

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Tool Description and Specifications:

The Dewalt Cordless Extreme Framing Circular Saw Blades have a thin kerf (cutting width) to ensure that less push force is required by the user and that they cut straighter with reduced binding. The durable teeth stay sharp for a long time with reduced breakage. Applications: – Ripping and cross-cutting natural timbers. – Cutting composite wood based sheet materials e.g. plywood, MDF and chipboard. – NOT recommended for timbers that may contain nails. Why Choose Dewalt’s Extreme Framing Blades? * Exclusive Plate Technology – Expansion slots dampen vibration and improve cutting feel and performance while reducing noise. * Premium Woodworking Grade Carbide – 2 x larger carbide than Dewalt construction series. * Proprietary Carbide – Promotes longer life. * Face Grind – Reduces cutting force. * Tough Coat – Anti-stick coating. Specifications of the Dewalt DT10303 Blade diameter: 184mm Bore size: 16mm Tooth count: 40 Quantity: 2

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