Dewalt DWS520KR Review Plunge Saw 1300W 110V 165mm + 2 x 1.5m Guide Rails Connector & Bag

Dewalt DWS520KR Review

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Dewalt DWS520KR Plunge Saw 1300W 110V 165mm + 2 x 1.5m Guide Rails Connector & Bag

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Tool Description and Specifications:

Dewalt DWS520KR 165mm Plunge Saw 1300W 110V + 2 x 1.5m Guide Rails, Connector & Bag This fantastic new product from Dewalt offers a simple and effective solution to a wide range of applications including laminate cutting and door trimming. Extremely high levels of accuracy, finish and durability make the DWS520KR a top quality product. Features: DWS520KR Plunge Saw: Dewalt DWS520KR plunge saw from Dewalt gives outstanding levels of accuracy and finish, as well as extreme durability The DWS520KR is designed in conjunction with guide rails that are easy to set up and use, the system offers a simple and effective solution for a range of applications, particularly with laminate cutting The Dewalt DWS520KR has a flat outside guard so can be used for door trimming Anti kickback function stops the saw from moving backwards along the rail. DWS5022 Guide Rail: Guide Rail attachment to be used with a plunge saw Offers extremely high levels of accuracy allowing for a better finish which makes this a top quality product DE6292 Connector: Guide Rail Joining Kit for use with Dewalt Guide Rails DWS5025 Guide Rail Bag: Practical carry bag making for easier transportation of guide rails For use with Dewalt Guide Rails DWS5021 (1m) and DWS5022(1.5m) Comes With: 48 tooth precision saw blade Heavy duty carrying case 2 x 1.5 m Guide Rails 1 x Connector 1 x Guide Rail Bag Product Specification DWS520KR Plunge Saw: Power Input: 1300 Watts Power Output: 690 Watts No Load Speed: 1750 – 4000 rpm Blade Diameter: 165 mm Blade Bore: 20 mm Bevel Capacity: 47° Max. Depth of Cut at 90º: 59 mm Max. Depth of Cut at 90º[with guide rails]: 55 mm Max. Depth of Cut at 45º: 44 mm Max. Depth of Cut at 45º[with guide rails]: 40 mm Weight: 5.1 kg Length: 303 mm Height: 265 mm DWS5022 Guide Rail: Length: 1.5m

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