DeWalt DW743N Review – Combination Saw 240V 250mm

DeWalt DW743N Review

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DeWalt DW743N 240V 250mm Combination Saw

-Rapid tool free transformation from a saw bench to a mitre saw
-High output heavy duty high torque induction motor
-Three way extractor connection facility
-Integrated carry handles
-Updated design for maximum cutting capacity

The Dewalt DW743N 250mm Flip Over Combination Mitre Saw & Table Saw is fitted with 2000w motor. This allows rapid tool free transformation from a saw bench to a mitre saw providing flexibility for a range of site and workshop applications. The built-in handle mechanism allows the guard to retract automatically in mitre mode allowing safe and easy use. This machine now has a new high output heavy duty high torque induction motor providing the operator with years of maintenance free use, ideally suitable for workshop applications where low noise characteristics are desirable.

A three way extractor connection facility connected to the DW743N allows for efficient dust extraction, and the updated design offers maximum cutting capacity across the range of mitre and bevel angles proving the machine to be durable & flexible in today’s modern workshop.


DW743N Comes with:
30 tooth saw blade
Parallel fence
Push stick
4 detachable legs
Saw blade guard
Assembly tool


SEE MORE…This Tool May Also Be Available With Extra Batteries or Other Additional Extras HERE



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