DeWalt DT1203QZ Review 165 x 10mm x 16-Tooth Trim Saw Blade

DeWalt DT1203QZ Review

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Tool Description and Specifications:

The DeWalt cordless trimsaw blades have heavy-duty tungsten carbide tips maintain cutting edge for longer blade life. They have a thin kerf blade design which yields more cuts per charge by minimising battery drain. The triple action sharpening process grinds the tip to a razor sharp edge for a smooth finish and have been specifically designed for use with DEWALT cordless trimsaws.

The range comprises of blades for cutting wood and for cutting plastic and non-ferrous metals.

DT1203QZ Features:

Blade Diameter: 165mm
Bore Size: 10mm
Tooth Count: 16
Kerf: 1.5mm
Rake: POS
Hook Angle: +20°
Grind: Alternate Top Bevel

Heavy-duty tungsten carbide tips
Thin kerf blade design
For fast rough cutting in wood
Triple action sharpening process
Longer blade life


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