DEWALT 1-70-349 Review Complete Toughsystem

DEWALT 1-70-349 Review

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DEWALT 1-70-349 Complete Toughsystem

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Tool Description and Specifications:

DEWALT 1-70-349 Complete TOUGHSYSTEM

Contains :

– 1 x DEWALT DS150 1-70-321 TOUGHSYSTEM Organiser Box
– 1 x DEWALT DS300 1-70-322 TOUGHSYSTEM Organiser Box
– 1 x DEWALT DS400 1-70-323 TOUGHSYSTEM Organiser Box

Trolley :

– Heavy duty durable metal frame
– Height adjustable foldable brackets – max 80Kg
– Foldable foot-plate – max 120Kg load capacity
– Central locking mechanism
– Heavy duty 8.5″ rubber wheels
– Size : 955mm x 235mm x 681mm

Toughsystem Box :

– Locking side handles
– Engineered plastic side clips allows stackability
– Heavy duty metal latches and hinges
– Bi-material comfortable handle
– Internal storage
– Durable 4mm PP structural foam plastic
– IP65 – Dust tight and water jet resistant
– Pressure release valve

1-70-349 Features:

Brand : DEWALT
Manufacturer : DEWALT
Product Code : 1-70-349
Size : 955mm x 235mm x 681mm
Heavy duty durable metal frame


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