Bosch PSM 18 LI Review Cordless Lithium-Ion Multi-Sander with 1 x 18 V Battery, 1.5 Ah

Bosch PSM 18 LI Review

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Bosch PSM 18 LI and here’s what we found…

Compact size

Has a soft grip

Small and light weight

Very powerful and ready to use

The battery charges fast

3 LED light indicate the battery level

Has a delta plate with SDS system which can be changes and is economical

Other sanding attachments can be attached


Sanding plate with lasting Velcro-type is highly durable and the sanding paper can be easily changed

Micro filter System box is easily cleaned

The Bosch PSM 18 LI is a multi sander tool that is designed to work with various materials like sanding wood, plastic and metals. There are two surfaces on the sanding plate ensuring the use of the sanding paper more efficient. The delta tip of the sanding paper is easily removed and rotated.
Various sanding attachments like sanding fingers or louvre attachments can be attached easily because of its Iron shaped design and SDS system.

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