Bosch PHG 600 Review Heat Gun

Bosch PHG 600 Review

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Bosch PHG 600 and here’s what we found…

Powerful with 1800 watts for stripping paint and varnish, soldering and fixing with various materials

Cold-air setting at 50°C and cools

3 stage control of the temperature and airflow

Automatically shuts down when overloaded

Has a support surface for bench-mounted operation

Removable heat shield when working in tight spots

Closed handle with soft grip for convenient and safe working

Has a removable protective pipe

The Bosch PHG 600-3 is an efficient hot air gun that can be used to strip paint and varnish, and it can also be used for soldering and fixing various materials. The Hot Air Gun is powered with a 1800W motor making it work in a reliable manner. The material that is worked on is cooled through a Cold Air Setting in which the air flow and temperature can be controlled. The heating element is automatically switched off if the tool is overloaded by the Thermostop Function. Even when the heating is discontinued the motor keeps on running.

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