Bosch PBD 0603B07070 Review 40 Bench Drill

Bosch PBD 0603B07070 Review

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Bosch PBD 0603B07070 and here’s what we found…

The electronic speed display enables speed to be controlled at specific speed

The digital display makes it easy to gauge the drilling depth

Drills even rows of holes

The gear box has 2 speed settings; high power in 1st gear, high speed in 2nd gear

Keyless twin sleeve chuck

The retaining ring ensures a firm hold on the drill bit

The integrated laser ensures easy and precise drilling

The LED illuminates the work area

The round work pieces can be fixed using clamps for precision

The parallel guide and the large work plate ensures accuracy and a safe positioning of the work piece

The rotating wheel has a soft grip which ensures comfortable and controlled drilling

The Bosch PBD 40 also known as Bosch 0603B07070 is a precisely designed powerful mounting pillar drill which comes with a digital display. We can see the drilling speed and drilling depth on the screen. The LED light on the tool illuminates the workplace and gives out a clear view free of shadows. The work piece can be positioned properly thanks to the laser cross wire that comes with the device. The soft-grip wheel provides the user control and makes it comfortable to use the tool. The drill bits are automatically tightened by the key-less precision chuck. Consistent speed is ensured by Bosch Constant Electronics.


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