Bosch GDA 280 E Review Professional Delta Sander 240V

Bosch GDA 280 E Review

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Bosch GDA 280 E and here’s what we found…


Electronic setting wheel to ensure speed preselection for the material precise functioning

Elevated substance removal rate

Incorporated removal tube for straight hose link to a vacuum cleaner

Minute grip circumference



Bosch GDA 280 E is one of the controlling tool for curves and boundaries. Clever for its 280
watts of power for the elevated objects removal duty that the sanding and polishing the corners
and edges, also the areas that are hard to reach hard-to- reach areas and on minute plane regions.
The SDS system for simple sanding pad modification without tools does a great job. Soft hold
for ergonomic usage makes a winner in the power tool accessories.


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