Bosch 06019F2000 Review Professional GWS 10.8 – 76 V EC Professional Cordless Angle Grinder – Blue

Bosch 06019F2000 Review

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Bosch 06019F2000 and here’s what we found…

Ideal for making short cuts with varied materials

Compact and lightweight

The new spindle lock makes it easy to change the dics

Cut through cable ducts as well as tiles

The maximum cutting depth

Ideal for electricians, installers and tillers

Fits well in hand during use

Can be used in tight places

Easy to swap discs thanks to the new spindle lock

The protective cover is easily adjustable

Rapid disc braking


The Bosch GWS 12V-76 also known as Bosch 06019F2000 is a Mini Grinder that has been designed in a compact and improved manner. The tool is body only. It come with an L Boxx inlay and 3 discs. It is a battery powered mini grinder and it can be used in everyday day to day work and it is compatible to be used in almost every situation. It makes work a lot easier because it has the ability to cut cable channels, tiles seams, threaded bars, and alloy pipes. It is very easy to use.


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