Bosch 06016A100 Review 10.8 V Li-Ion Professional Circular Saw Bare Unit – Blue

Bosch 06016A100 Review

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Bosch 06016A100 and here’s what we found…

Highly powerful

Battery level indicator

ECP for long lasting battery life

Fuel gauge indicates battery level

The depth cutting is 26.5mm for accurate cutting


Compact design

Small grip circumference


The Bosch 06016A100 is a compactly designed Professional Circular Saw which can be used with one hand with no difficulty. It is also said to be best tool of its class due to the perfect handling and versatile applications in wood. The tool is equipped with a DC motor optimized for 2.0 and 4.0Ah batteries. How much energy is left in the battery can be easily read with the Battery Charge Level Indicator. The user is provided by maximum comfort by the Small Grip Circumference and the light weight of the tool.

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