Why Buy An Impact Driver

Why Buy An Impact Driver ?

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You’re probably used to working with cordless screwdrivers, or even hand tools around the house for your favorite DIY projects. That’s great, but what if you run into a project that requires a bit more power than the tools you’re using can provide? Or, what if you want a tool that can handle any DIY project? Well, in comes the impact driver.


These powerful tools are very similar to cordless screwdrivers. They’re about the same size, same weight and can be purchased for just about the same cost. The real difference is in the power.


Impact drivers pack a lot more punch than screwdrivers.


Using a motor or compressed air, it’s able to generate a lot faster spin and a repeating “punch” that other tools can’t duplicate. If you’re slightly confused about the spin and punch, think about it this way. You’re driving a screw into a board with a screwdriver. In comes your partner with a rubber mallet. Every few seconds, your partner slams the back of your tool. That impact increases the driving force of the tool considerable. “Not only is the tool spinning and driving the screw with more torque, the constant pounding ensures the screw will make it through the material.”


Some of the uses for impact drivers are just the same as other tools. Except, you will run into cases when this driver definitely makes your life a lot easier. For example, you may be installing cabinetry. A screwdriver might not be able to cleanly and quickly drive a nail through the cabinet, through the dry wall and a couple of inches into the stud. An impact driver does have the power to do such a task and with ease. This makes completing the project for efficiently, saving you time and money.


Another instance where you might need a more powerful tool is at a mechanic’s shop. The nuts and bolts that are used in vehicles are tightened considerably tighter than what the average human might be able to loosen by hand. As a result, mechanics often lean towards an impact driver for quick and easy removal of these nuts and bolts. Often times, if more power is needed that a cordless impact driver can provide, they’ll move to tools that pack even more punch by using an air compressor.


So Why Buy An Impact Driver ?

In conclusion; cordless and hand screwdrivers are suitable for small DIY projects. However, if you’re working on larger projects that require a bit more force and power, an impact driver is the way to go.