Can An Impact Driver Be Used To Drill

Can An Impact Driver Be Used To Drill ?

Above is a Makita Impact Driver. You should definitely have this brand at the top of the list when choosing power tools


One of the most versatile drilling tools available in the market is the cordless drill driver. While this device also drives screws into boards, it also drills holes. The driver’s keyless chuck accommodates a variety of accessories that include a hex-shank drill bit. Some of the benefits associated with the tool include its constant torque and high precision. However, the impact driver is now threatening to replace the drill driver.


The main question now is can an impact driver be used to drill?


Unlike the cordless drill/driver, the impact driver is specially designed to perform only one job – drive screws. The impact driver generates up to three times the amount of torque that the drill driver uses. This enormous amount of force makes it easy to drive screws even on harder materials. Users love its quick turnaround time and ease of use.


The impact driver has a collet that can accept hole drilling accessories. Furthermore, the powerful tool can also be fitted with hex shank drill bits. This means that you can use the impact driver to drill. However, it important to note that it is less precise than the drill driver. So unless it is drilling holes in hard materials such as a concrete wall and metal surfaces, then its power makes it hard to achieve precision. In other words, the impact driver is not recommended where correct hole size and roundness are critical. Essentially, the tool’s brute force makes it unsuitable for delicate jobs.


The most suitable accessories to use with the impact driver must be impact rated. Unfortunately, the majority of hex shanks in the market are general purpose. Using regular bits on the impact driver risks bit failure as a result of the impact mechanism. However, manufacturers of the impact driver have come to realize that people are now using the impact driver to drill holes. They are now producing the necessary accessories for this purpose.


So yes, the impact driver can be used to drill holes. However, take note that it is not the best if precision is the primary goal. The drill driver is still relevant despite its lower torque. For those with the impact driver, they may not need a cordless drill driver since the impact driver can be used to do the same job as its counterpart.


So Can an Impact Driver be Used to Drill?

The drill driver is an essential tool to have. However, it cannot match the proficiency of the impact driver. If you are making a choice between the two devices, then the impact driver is the best. It will not only perform the driving services but also drilling.